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Electrical Panel Services & Upgrading

First off, what is a panel upgrade? It is simply just that – an upgrade to the electrical panel, also known as the main service panel, in your home. This is the grey or metal box that holds all the fuses or circuit breakers used to run your home.

Kenosha Electrical Upgrade panel

When Do You Need A Panel Upgrade?

  • Your house has less than 200 amps available on your current panel
  • Your current panel features screw-in fuses
  • You often trip the breaker by using more than one appliance simultaneously
  • You are adding electrical loads, like air conditioning or an electric spa

If you have just had a house rewire, an electrician might recommend also upgrading your panel to bring it more up-to-date along with your new wiring. In addition to bringing it up to date, a panel upgrade might be suggested when you are adding new appliances to your home. A new refrigerator, air conditioner, or car charger could cause your current electrical panel to trip because it can’t handle the load. Upgrading your panel with help keep your system up to date as well as keep your family safe.

When your current electrical panel does not allow for additional circuits to be added, or when your panel is overloaded where more than one circuit wire is connected to a circuit breaker made for only one wire, it is time for electrical panel upgrades. Upgrading your existing electrical panel to a larger electrical panel that can handle more power in amps and provide more circuits for your current and future needs is the best way to correct this situation. Our electricians are experienced and proficient at addressing any challenges that might arise when upgrading from your old electrical panel to your new electrical panel, saving you time and money!

Upgrades And Repairs

As part of our electrical panel upgrade service we will:

  • Inspect your current electrical panel (panel box or breaker panel)
  • Advise you whether you need to upgrade or repair your present electrical panel
  • Provide a written estimate
  • Open needed permits with the proper municipality
  • Complete all electrical work
  • Have the installation inspected

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