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The Best Industrial Electrical Service in Southeastern WI

Elcano Electrical, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is a fully licensed and insured industrial electrical contractor serving Southeastern Wisconsin.

Are you looking for new equipment or moving existing equipment? Do you need Equipment electrical repair? New electrical installation, upgrade, or even a service call? We have years of experience with repairs and installations and provide cost-effective solutions to every project or repair. Elcano Electrical specializes in industrial lighting, automation, and control systems, including data, lighting & safety.

Your manufacturing facility is the lifeblood of your organization and we understand the importance of keeping your facility up and running and as efficient as possible. Whether you have general maintenance issues or relocating your machinery we can be your answer.

Our industrial electricians provide the specialization for all your industrial repairs or remodel. Elcano Construction has experience in motor controls, process controls, conveyors, and safety systems. Our technicians are highly skilled in the use of specialized testing equipment for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. We are trained and certified for all industrial electrical services; especially for Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, and all Southeastern Wisconsin areas. We’ve built a company of highly experienced, certified electricians to serve your electrical needs.

When a machine or production line grinds to a halt due to an electrical problem, lost production quotas can start to get very expensive. Next time you get an electrical breakdown on one of your machines, give Elcano Electrical a call. We’ll get an experienced industrial electrician out to start troubleshooting and repairing your electrical problem as quickly as possible.

We understand the stresses of downtime and our electricians will work hand-in-hand with your maintenance and production teams to ensure your machines are up and running with as little downtime as possible.

You can trust our electricians who have extensive experience working in industrial settings. We understand that industrial electrical services are not simple services. We are committed to setting up and providing maintenance and other services after set up. We understand it is important to keep core machines up and running correctly. When your industrial electrical system needs work, Elcano Electrical can help.

Kenosha Industrial Electric Panel

What We Can Do For Industrial Facilities

  • New installations
  • Electrical drops and distribution
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair service
  • Processing equipment repairs
  • Automation
  • Frequency drives
  • Motor control
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Machine wiring
  • Panel replacements and upgrades
  • Emergency power generators

Here at Elcano Electric, our certified team of contractors boasts years of experience in the industrial electrical services industry.

We have a variety of different industrial clients we serve throughout Southeastern WI. As your industrial business continues to expand, our industrial electricians are ready to help businesses by providing superior industrial electrical services year-round.

With a team of electrical contractors who are expertly trained across multiple areas, Elcano Electrical proudly offers customers a wide selection of services for their industrial and manufacturing electrical needs. Our contractors are more than capable of designing a variety of different systems which can be specifically set up for your industrial needs and proficiency. From there, we can then train your staff on how to properly use these systems on a daily basis. It’s our mission to make sure that industrial facilities across Southeastern Wisconsin are operating in the safest way possible.


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