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Number One Industrial Electrician in Racine

Your manufacturing facility serves as the heart of your organization, and at Elcano, we recognize the critical role it plays in your success. We understand the importance of keeping your facility operational and running at peak efficiency. As the number one industrial electrician in Racine, our team ensures that your industrial operations remain seamless and productive.

Our electricians possess the specialized skills and expertise required for all your industrial repair and remodeling needs. At Elcano, we bring years of experience in motor controls, process controls, conveyors, and safety systems to the table. Our technicians are highly proficient in utilizing specialized testing equipment for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. With a focus on excellence, we are trained and certified to handle all industrial electrical services – which is why we are the number one industrial electrician in Racine!

Elcano Electrical

When an electrical issue brings a machine or production line to a standstill, the cost of lost production quotas can escalate quickly. At Elcano, we offer a solution. The next time you encounter an electrical breakdown in one of your machines, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experienced electricians with arrive quickly on the scene, ready to troubleshoot and repair the issue with precision and efficiency. When it comes to your electrical system, don’t leave it in the hands of anyone other than the best industrial electrician in Racine – Elcano!

Our commitment extends to a comprehensive range of industrial electrical services, recognizing the intricate nature of the work involved. You can have full confidence in our electricians, who have extensive experience in industrial settings. We understand the importance of scheduling maintenance and other services post-setup to ensure the continued smooth operation of your machinery.

We can maintain, improve, or repair all types of electrical issues that may arise in your facility, such as:

  • Machine Wiring
  • Panel Replacements
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Emergency Power Generators
  • Equipment Power Drops
  • Electrical Distribution

When you need the number one industrial electrician in Racine, call Elcano! And don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page to keep up with all that we do!

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